From the personal website of John Frame, Brisbane, Australia – last updated 1st December 2021


A select few late 50’s vinyl records for children which I loved as a child:


David Tomlinson:

 reading and singing selections from A.A. Milne’s “When We Were Very Young” (World Record Club Childrens Series)


Dick Bentley:

 reading and singing selections from A.A. Milne’s “Now We Are Six” (World Record Club Childrens Series)

and also reading and singing selections from “Hans Christian Andersen” (World Record Club Childrens Series)


Burl Ives:

 Capt Burl Ives’ Ark” (1958 Decca vinyl LP) and the 78rpm single from that album:Quack, Quack, Paddle-Oh! / Bongo And His Baboon Drum”.


See below for details of cover art, sleeve notes mp3 track selections and access to the full mp3’s of my carefully restored transfers from vinyl.


Read the appreciative comments for assurance that this is a safe page and genuine information.




photo of David Tomlinson from the Australian record cover

David Tomlinson reading and singing “When We Were Very Young”


World Record Company 45rpm E.P. New Zealand pressing CZ50 (Side A: W.6436, Side B: W.6437)


This record is one that was a favourite for my mother, as well as for myself and most of my siblings.


In December 2002 my mother commented that she really would love to hear this record again (our copy had been lost to a roadside cleanup by an overzealous father). This is an exceptional recording that should remain available to future generations – and enjoyed by everyone with a taste for romance and whimsy.


I had checked everywhere on the internet and the only reference I found was where I was fortunate in purchasing a quite good condition copy (from New Zealand).


I’ve used my best digital skills, and put in about 60 hours of work, to clean up the recording and it sounds marvelous. Click here to listen to “Buckingham Palace” as a 128kbps mono mp3 (1minute 45 seconds, 2mb).


I’m happy to give the complete recording to anyone who is keen (email me and request the URL for downloading the 11mb 128kps mono mp3 ). Nearly everyone who looks for this recording is doing so because it is a distinct joyful memory from their childhood, and I’m especially interested in knowing why people want to hear it, as well as how they have responded to hearing my restoration. To me it’s a memory trigger as effective as eating a favourite food from childhood. Further below I’ve included kind comments from people around the globe who’ve enjoyed hearing this record again (or for the first time).


 David Tomlinson front cover small jpg with link to 200dpi jpgDavid Tomlinson back cover small jpg with link to 200dpi jpg

Click each image for 200dpi full size images (approx 100k each)


Full Cover text (with the name of composer H Fraser Simson corrected):



Poems by A.A. Milne – Music by H. Fraser-Simson


With the Westminster Concert Orchestra

Conducted by Cyril Ornadel



Halfway Down



The King’s Breakfast



Buckingham Palace


Jonothon Jo




Featuring DAVID TOMLINSON. With the Westminster Concert Orchestra, conducted by Cyril Ornadel.

Musical Arrangements by John Gregory.

Music by H. Fraser-Simson.       Lyrics by A. A. Milne.


A.A. Milne’s verses occupy a very special place in the affections of all who are young in heart— and never more so than when matched with the delightful music of H. Fraser-Simpson. This record of nine of the best-loved poems and songs is the one that was hailed in the British press as one of the finest children’s discs ever made. It is one of the World Record Club’s exclusive series that won the London Evening News’ special award in open competition in the children’s class.


This is a simple, gentle, bedtime recording, beautifully spoken and sung by David Tom­linson, well-known British film actor and comedian. A father himself, Tomlinson has the rare ability to talk intimately to small children on their own level without appearing patron­ising.


On this disc, H. Fraser-Simson’s famous music has been specially re-arranged by John Gregory. The accompaniment is by the full-sized Westminster Concert Orchestra, con­ducted by Cyril Ornadel, who is musical director of the famous London Palladium.







photo of Dick Bentley from the New Zealand record cover


“The Best Of A. A. Milne”

With Dick Bentley and John Gregory and his Orchestra


The Children’s Record Guild of Australia

E.P. SPEED 45     CG7


In June 2010 I bought a near mint Australian pressing of this vinyl from Vinyl Solutions in Melbourne and then spent about 40 hours in digital restoration fixing each of the thousands of extraneous noises. I had never heard this record before, but it is a truly wonderful performance and production. Hear a sample track, my immediate favourite, “The Knight Whose Armour Didn’t Squeak” as a 128kps mono mp3 (3minutes 14seconds, 3mb).


I’m happy to give the complete recording to anyone who is keen (email me and request the URL for downloading the 14mb 128kps mono mp3 ). 


Total duration: 14m 14s


Dick Bentley front cover small jpg with link to 200dpi jpgDick Bentley back cover small jpg with link to 200dpi jpg

Click each image for 200dpi full size images (approx 400k each)



Full Cover text:


“The Best Of A. A. Milne”

With Dick Bentley and John Gregory and his Orchestra


The Children’s Record Guild of Australia

E.P. SPEED 45     CG7


Side A:

1. The End (0:35) (poem)

2. Twice Times (2:10) (song)

3. A Thought (0:24) (poem)

4. The Emperor’s Rhyme (2:33) (song)

5. The Friend (1:23) (song)


Side B:

6. Sneezles (1:51) (song)

7. Wind On The Hill (0:38) (poem)

8. The Knight Whose Armour Didn’t Squeak (3:14) (poem)

9. Furry Bear Song (1:23) (song)


The secret of A. A. Milne seems to be his unerring instinct for reaching the very heart of childhood. His characters, from Pooh Bear onward, act, talk, think and react just as children expect them to do… with a devastating logic and candour that only children seem to possess – and only too rapidly lose!


Even the characters (not even excepting Christopher Robin) who seem at times inconsequential; or those who seem much too subtle for children to appreciate, awaken a ready response - and this above all is a measure of Milne’s genius.


In this recording, Dick Bentley sings his favourite songs, and tells his favourite verses from Milne’s “Now We Are Six” – with original music written by John Gregory, and with an engaging commentary between the items that makes the record very much more than a mere recital. Dick Bentley’s voice and personality are ideally suited to the purpose – warm and confiding – and there will be few children who do not come to cherish this recording as one of their best-loved.


Previous recordings of A. A. Milne’s works: “The Hums of Pooh” with Norman Shelley; “When We Were Very Young” with David Tomlinson; are available from World Record Club on R.4 and R.53. Items on “When We Were Very Young” include: They’re Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace; The King’s Breakfast; Disobedience; Jonothan Jo; Vespers etc.


The Children’s Record Guild of Australia sponsored by World Record Club Pty. Ltd., 330 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia.





Dick Bentley reading and singing “Hans Christian Andersen”


World Record Company 45rpm E.P. New Zealand pressing CZ51 (Side A: W.5814, Side B: W.5815)


My great thanks to Alice Lamy for bringing this fine record to my attention at a time when a near mint copy was still available from the same source in New Zealand as the David Tomlinson. It still took about 40 hours of work on the PC, but because this record was in such comparatively good condition it now sounds near-perfect. Click here to listen to “The Ugly Duckling” ” as a 128kps mono mp3 (2minute 28 seconds, 2mb).


I’m also happy to give this complete recording to anyone who is keen (email me and request the URL for downloading the 11mb 128kps mono mp3 ).  Further below I’ve included kind comments from people around the globe who’ve enjoyed hearing this record again (or for the first time).



Dick Bentley front cover small jpg with link to 200dpi jpgDick Bentley back cover small jpg with link to 200dpi jpg

Click each image for 200dpi full size images (approx 400k each)


Full Cover text:


Hans Christian Andersen


The Four-in-a-Chord Vocal group and Orchestra,
Specially arranged and conducted by John Gregory.
Produced by Cyril Ornadel.


Interpreted by Dick Bentley


The World Record Club, New Zealand

EP Speed 45 CZ51


“I’m Hans Christian Andersen”;

“The King’s New Clothes”.


“The Ugly Duckling” (hear a 128kps mono mp3 of this song);

“The Inch Worm”;
“Wonderful Copenhagen”.



Andersen – Teller of Tales


In the golden days of childhood, when the world was a place where everything was probable and nothing impossible, the Danish shoemaker’s son, Hans Christian Andersen, wove his magic web of words end conjured up the Ugly Duckling, the Snow Queen, Thumbelina, Inch Worm and the King who wears invisible clothes.


A few years age, Samuel Goldwyn, one of she great names in film production, decided in make a movie about his
childhood hero — Hans Christian Andersen — with Danny Kaye in the title role. And one of America’s top song-writers, Frank Loesser, produced the delightful musical score.


Dick Bentley, the Australian entertainer who has become one of the greatest stars of B.B.C. variety, both in radio and television, has been chosen as the ideal interpreter for the fascinating songs on this Club release. On his way from Australia in the United States in 1938, Dick Bentley was side-tracked with an engagement in Britain. His rise to nation-wide fame was rapid.


Later, with the remarkable success of the B.B.C. comedy show, “Take It From Here”, his name became a house-hold word throughout the English speaking world.

The Four-in-a-Chord singing group which features in the special vocal arrangements on this disc is a combination well known in British radio and television. They are talented, they are versatile, and, as these songs demonstrate, they have just what it takes for child entertainment.

Children’s records deserve the finest artists. For this reason, the World Record Club release of “Hans Christian Andersen” presents not only top-tine vocalists but also uses an orchestral backing from a full scale theatre orchestra, the Westminster Concert Orchestra, conducted by brilliant young musician John Gregory. And the whole production is supervised by Cyril Ornadel, the best known musical director in the British stage world today.


The Club’s series of children’s recordings, of which “Hans Christian Andersen” is a first class example, won an award in open competition for recordings of the highest merit in child entertainment.



“Listen To The Wind” by Dick Bentley and others

World Record Club Childrens’ Series (Australian pressing) # CH2 (released 1956)

Dick Bentley (51K)

Cyril Ornadel (59K)

Vanessa Lee (64K)

Virginia Somers (62K)


Click each small image of the front and back of the ep cover to view a detailed 200dpi 12cm x 12cm jpg file:

small front cover with link to 200dpi image)small back cover with link to 200dpi image)

Email me to request the complete 14 minute 14mb 128kps mono mp3 of my restoration, transferred from a record kindly loaned by Malcolm Rieck.

Here’s the full text from the back cover:

E.P. Speed 45 CH2


A musical play for children, with lyrics and music by Vivian Ellis.


SIDE ONE     I’m a Naughty Gale Bird

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Timothy’s Under the Table (hear this song as a 128kps mono 2Mb 2 minute mp3)

SIDE TWO     When I Grow Up

The Bread and Butter Song

Listen to the Wind


Featuring Dick Bentley, Vanessa Lee, Virginia Somers and Joan Hovis. Orchestrations and Vocal Arrangements from the original West End, London, Production. Conducted by Cyril Ornadel.

“Listen to the Wind” is the children’s own musical, with lots of simple and gay tunes and lyrics by Vivian Ellis, who wrote such famous stage shows as “Bless the Bride”.

Recounting the story of its success, Vivian Ellis recently said: “When my old friend and collaborator Ronald Jeans told me his daughter had written a children’s play, and could she send it to me with a view to writing some songs for it, my heart sank. But not for long! The play duly arrived, and I was enchanted with it. It was first performed at the Oxford Playhouse and was immediately bespoken by three West End managers. Eventually it was acquired by the London Arts Theatre, and became a hit-show overnight.”

The London Star’s famous theatre critic Robert Wraight wrote of it: “Move over, Peter Pan, Cinderella, St. George and the Dragon! You, too, Noddy! Make room for your newest rivals, Emma, Harriet and Jeremy—a youthful trio by whose adventures you can’t fail to be enthralled!”

The three children are among the most delightful characters you could wish to meet. The story tells how they were kidnapped, with their grandmother, from their home in East Anglia, rescued by the Gale Birds, and taken to the Kingdom of the Winds. There, they are captured by Thunder Cloud, but eventually are rescued again and finally restored happily back to their family and home.

That’s all you need to know to be able to listen to the delightful songs on this record. The Gale Birds— messengers of the winds—are summoned up by the youthful adventurers by a twice-chanted “Listen to the Wind”. But one of the birds (a squadron-leader, at that!) falls into disgrace because he contracts cramp. Hence the catchy song “I’m a Naughty Gale Bird”.

“Timothy’s Under the Table”, “When I Grow Up” and “Listen to the Wind” itself have very strong melodies—which, of course, is just right for children, who like a tune that they can begin to sing immediately.

The orchestra on this lovely little disc is conducted by Cyril Ornadel, which in itself is a guarantee of quality.


World Record Club – Finest On Record

World Record Club Pty. Ltd., 330 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, C.1., Phone MB5114




Burl Ives childrens records from 1954 and 1958:


small file of Burl Ives 78rpm single cover art with link to larger file


As a young child my parents bought us the 1955 Australian pressed 78rpm single "Bongo And His Baboon Drum  / Quack, Quack, Paddle-Oh!", which was my favourite 78rpm. In January 2005 I bought an average condition, yet listenable, Australian pressing on the “Columbia” label (#KO-1017) of the 78rpm 10” shellac “double A Side” single by Burl Ives with orchestra conducted by Jimmy Carroll:


Bongo And His Baboon Drum” (Susan Otto and William R Mayer - Columbia Control) and “Quack, Quack, Paddle-Oh!” (Robert Schmertz – Southern Music)


Hear a pristine 128kps mono 5mb mp3 of these two songs, taken from my carefully restored transfer from a near-pristine imported USA pressing of the 17 track 33 1/3 RPM vinyl LP “Capt. Burl Ives’ Ark” (Decca DL8587) which I imported in January 2007. I've put a lot of work into make it sound as perfect as possible, and it is a true “High-Fidelity” record. Capt Burl Ives' Ark has never been released on CD, and is almost impossible to find on vinyl.


To hear my 128kps mono 40mb mp3 of the complete restored Capt Burl Ives’ Ark record, then please email me requesting the URL.


I have included further below the complete text from the back of the LP, and also scanned images of the album cover art - click each of these small images to go to a 12cm x 12cm 200dpi jpg file:


small image of Capt Burl Ives LP cover front with link to larger filesmall image of Capt Burl Ives LP cover back with link to larger file

I have found a Billboard reference which makes it clear that the 1958 “Burl Ives’ Ark” album was built upon several of Burl’s existing records for children, including the 10inch 78rpm records ”Quack, Quack, Paddle Oh! / Bongo And His Baboon Drum” and “Look At The Little Kitty Kat / The Whistling Rabbit” which were first released in the USA in August 1954.


Full text from the back cover of the LP:


Decca Records DL 8587 LONG PLAY 33 1/3 RPM

Capt. Burl Ives’ Ark



Side One

1.     THE SQUIRREL  Schmertz



4.     HORACE THE HORSE (On The Merry-Go-Round)  Green-Coben

5.     THE BEAR ON THE BALL (With The Parasol)  A. Hogue

6.     THE WHISTLING RABBIT  Moon Curtis

7.     THE DUCK (Quack, Quack, Paddle-Oh!)  Schmertz

8.     THE TENOR DOODLE-DOO  Burl Ives

Side Two

1.     THE BESTIARY  Arr: Burl Ives

2.     THE MONKEY AND THE ELEPHANT  M. Rogers-M. Abeson

3.     OLD DOCTOR WANGO TANGO from The Book “A Cat Came Fiddling” Paul Kapp

4.     THE SWAP SONG  Arr: Burl Ives

5.     OLD MOBY DICK  Burl Ives

6.     MY OLD COON DOG  Burl Ives

7.     MISSOURI MULE  Arr: Burl Ives

8.     THE BIRD COURTING SONG  Arr: Burl Ives

9.     GROUND HOG  Arr: Burl Ives

Burl Ives’ appeal to children is so well known, that we need not comment. In these 17 songs, Burl has made a selection of a wonderful miscellany of animal stories and songs. He has picked them from 3 sources some are of today’s vintage, written by some of the best writers in the children’s field — merry and gay, with the sound of contemporary music. Some are from the pen of Burl Ives himself Some are Burl’s versions of the old classics.

The songs to which Burl Ives wrote both words and music are THE TENOR DOODLE-DOO, OLD MOBY DICK. MY OLD COON DOG and MISSOURI MULE.

Burl wrote the music for, and arranged in poetic form, the list of animals in THE BESTIARY.


THIS IS A HIGH-FIDELITY RECORD! For proper reproduction use RIAA or similar Record Compensator setting.  A New World of Sound - Decca Records.

PROPER CARE OF THIS RECORD will prolong its life and increase your listening enjoyment: Keep in special protective polyflex envelope when not in use; avoid handling playing surface; wipe with soft, slightly damp cloth; set phono for proper needle and turntable speed; check needle frequently for wear – if defective it can permanently damage record.


This DECCA Long Play Microgroove Record can be played only on 33 1/3 RPM instruments.


“Decca”, “D” symbol, “Gold Label Series”, “Deccalite” and “New World Of Sound” are the registered trademarks of Decca Records, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.




Comments from the small band of passionate folk from around the world who determinedly sought out these recordings which are not only key audio mementos of their own childhood experience, but also valued gems which they hope their grandchildren will as lovingly embrace:



James Tomlinson (youngest son of David Tomlinson, to whom I had posted “hard copies” of my files on CD, by request) on 23rd February 2013 wrote:


Dear John


Your fabulous package arrived quite some time ago but I have been away so much.


Brother David is mentioned in the recording as you know.


My Mum told me that Dad recorded it very very quickly!


It is the most remarkable work that you have done.


Thank you so much and thank you for taking the trouble to send me the copies.


Kind regards -




Brian Sibley, (England, UK) – 4th June 2012

(Brian is an acclaimed and prolific BBC radio author, producer and presenter as per: ). He wrote:


Hi, John,


Thank you for all these! The Tomlinson is total joy!


Just for your information, the sleeve credit is wrong in that Harold Fraser-Simson spelled his name without a 'p'. I have just taken part in a programme about HF-S that is to be broadcast later this month.


Also much enjoyed the Bentley recordings – as a child I used to listen to DB in the BBC radio comedy show, Take it From Here. The restorations are fantastic.


I was also very pleased to have the David Davis/Norman Shelley recording… DD ('Uncle David') had a wonderful storytelling voice that I loved from my childhood listening to what was then a daily radio show on the BBC called Children's Hour. My very first radio programme was a 50th birthday celebration of Winnie-the-Pooh (1976) and I had the privilege of working with Norman Shelley who provided the voices of Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore for me.


Thanks also for the Bentley HCA, the Juliet Mills Alice (within Addinsell's charming music) and Burl Ives fab animal songs.





Anne Okkerse on 9th August 2021 wrote:

Dear John, 

It is even better than I hoped for! I sit here with tears in my eyes, listening to his lovely voice. It’s so tranquille and reassuring.

The quality of the recording is fantastic. And with astonishment I read your account of the work you did.


It just sounds perfect and very clear without cracks. I'm looking forward to sing along with my child in the future. I feel I'm ready for the next generation! 

I'm now going to listen to 'The Best of A.A.Milne'. 

I don't know how to express how happy I am with this. But believe me I write this with a huge smile on my face.

Many greetings, 





Susan Hirschfield (of Vermont, USA) on 11th December 2020 wrote:

Hi John,


Thank you so much!


I managed to download the MP3 and burn it to a CD (no small feat for me, my first time trying to do this!) The sound quality is amazing, and it is just as I remember it, although the recording we had also included the poem Disobedience sung in a song.


I do hope my granddaughter will enjoy it as much as my son did!


Thank you again. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your quest to find this recording and making it available to others who share the fond childhood memories of listening to this.




Susan Hirschfeld




Kirsten Diack (of New Zealand) on 8th November 2020 wrote:

I have stumbled across your page while I have been looking for an audio version of my favorite record as a child. As a child my father (very tech minded) had speakers installed in my brothers and in my bedrooms and we would get to request a record to be played at bedtime. I’m sure this was done to save my parents from having to read to us.


My favorite was always A.A.Milne. And listening to the couple of recordings you have put up I know all the words. We had (and I still have) the record. Side one had When We Were Very Young AND now We Are Six, with side two having The House at Pooh Corner and The Hums of Pooh. I don’t ever remember listening to that side of it.


Anyway, fast forward through my childhood and teen years, I had children (and the record), and it became their favorite to listen to as well. I have very few records left but I have always kept my A.A.Milne record with me. Alas I now don’t own a record player, so can’t even copy it nor do I know what the quality of the record would be now.


And now my daughter is having a baby. We were just singing the songs around the table the other week after I dug out my A.A.Milne poem book to add to the babys bookshelf. But I cannot seem to find anywhere a copy of the songs, only the spoken versions.


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get the URL to be able to download it as a gift for my daughter.


    On 9th November 2020 Kirsten added:

OMG! I ate breakfast this morning singing along to these! How absolutely amazing that you did this. I had sent my daughter a link to Buckingham Palace song late last night and she replied this morning very excited that I had found it. I explained that I hadn’t, only that one song but I had emailed you.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting a reply, but now thanks to you I have the whole album plus others! Super excited!

The music you sent through is franticly being saved to add to our Apple music apps despite the husband having no clue what I’m so obsessed about. My daughter thought everyone “old” had listened to it when they were young, but when she has talked to people at work and their clients, no one has a clue what she’s talking about. I’m so pleased you took the time and effort to do this so future generations of children get to enjoy the brilliant work by A.A.Milne and everyone that worked on the record. Such an amazing piece of work that is miles away from the mass produced rubbish put at these days. It’s so heart-warming and harmless fun that you don’t get to see in today’s world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!






LaDonna Winner (of Indiana, USA) on 17th November 2019 wrote:

Dear Mr. Frame,


Thank you so very, very much for the opportunity to have this recording again. I lost my copy years ago and bits of the wonderful songs have been crooning around in my mind ever since. I am 87 years old and I brought my four children up on this record and they still, in their graying years, refer to it. Now I have a chance to share all the songs with them again and I am sure we will have a terrific sing-a-long! And, oh, yes, a great-grandchild is in the future and will certainly hear what will be unforgettable. Please tell me what I have to do next to receive the music.


On 20th November 2019, after receiving my reply, LaDonna wrote:


Dear Mr. Frame,


Many thanks for the so welcome information you sent me and many thanks for the work you did to save and gift this “When We Were Very Young” to all who loved it who are lucky enough to have found your page.  Finding it turned out to be work, too, buried under all the Disney.  But what a thrill when I did find it!  Now I will be working to use the mp3 file. 



Sincere thanks,


LaDonna Winner




Penny Clark 4th October 2017 wrote:


Dear John,


What an amazing job you have done on these recordings. I can well imagine they took hours to do. They are just perfect and the songs such a joy to listen too. I'm really delighted to have them. I'm going to see my granddaughter today and will play them to her. Thank you so much.


I had no problem listening to them on the URL. I'm making my way at downloading them onto the computer so I can play it without being connected to the web. I've done the first one ...not quite sure how I did it as I'm struggling with the second one but it will come back to me....or I'll get my son to help.


Anyhow many thanks again.




Nerida Farmer 5th February 2018 wrote:

Hello John

Just writing to say thank you again for your generous sharing of your work. It's taken me a while to get back to you, as I was using an old version of windows and couldn't download the files. I have them now and it was lovely to hear in particular the David Tomlinson recordings. 

I look forward to playing to my granddaughter. 




Sarah Crossbrook 9th December 2018 wrote:


Thank you so very, very much for this terrific recording!


I will treasure it!


All the best,





Maggie Brady on 29th September 2017 wrote:

Thank you so much!!! It's truly a marvelous recording. The sound quality is amazing. What a treasure for his family - I hear him mention another son, David, on the record too. He must have been a very affectionate father. I'm so excited to share this with my mother, it's so wonderful! Thank you again!

Maggie B




Angela Rodd (Melbourne, Australia) on 4th June 2017 wrote:

Hi John,


How wonderful to find this album again! My little brother, ten years younger than me, used to adore all the songs and the whole family knew them by heart.  He will be 60 at the end of July and this will be a surprise gift.  I can see us now, singing along with David Tomlinson.  I agree with your correspondent who regretted the lack of musically interesting songs for children these days.  Don't get me started on The Wiggles....


With best wishes and warmest thanks for making "When we were very young" available again.


Angela Rodd





Alison Morrow on 1st June 2017 wrote:

Dear John, 


I have been searching for this record for years.  The eldest of six children brought up listening to it most Sundays, it is an edible memory of our childhoods – but one we thought was gone forever.  Our mother loved AA Milne and this record was bought for us when our parents could barely afford it.  It somehow disappeared years ago.  We all hanker to hear it again and pass it on to our grandchildren. 


I can’t believe your generosity in repairing the sound and passing it on.  Our mother has recently died, so this sound file will rain down a deluge of joy on us all.


Alison Morrow




Stephen Harrap (Melbourne, Australia) on 15th March 2017 wrote:

Dear John

Tonight my 4 month-old grandson sat listening to your recording. There was that undefinable something about the mellifluous voice and the gentle music that captured his consciousness I'm sure, however transiently. My 30 year-old daughter was transfixed and transported to her own childhood.

Kind regards

Stephen Harrap




Greg Predmore (USA) on 29th July 2016 wrote:

Years ago I'd emailed you requesting the URL for David Tomlinson's "When We Were Very Young." 

It is definitely, as you say, a distinct joyful memory of my childhood. I'd put it on a CD for my granddaughter who is now 8 and can still sing some bits of some of the songs. Alas, the CD is gone, and the files are in an external hard drive that has died. 

By any small miracle is it possible for you to send me the URL again? I can still recite most of "Disobedience" to my mother who is well into her 80s. Our dog likes to sit on the landing between the downstairs and upstairs, and so I sing that to my granddaughter when we are sitting there petting the dog. 

I wish that children's records of this caliber were still being made. It bothers me that somehow children are supposed to go directly from Raffi, et cetera, to top 40. It seems that they ought to have a bit more of a childhood in song. 

Thank you so much for the work you put into it. 

All the best,





Linden Hall (Perth, Australia) on 12th July 2016 wrote:


Hi John


Just had to let you know that my brothers and Mum are sitting here tonight having just listened to this album for the first time in 40 years – and we still knew all the words! Hard to believe that so many happy memories could have come from just 10 minutes 57 seconds. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!




Linden Hall




Geoff Pitts (Australia) on 19th June 2016 wrote:


Thank you John. I have downloaded the recording as an mp3. It was great to hear the whole thing in such clarity. I certainly appreciate your work.







Chris Ryan on 28th May 2016 wrote:


Thank you John


I can appreciate the work you put into this.


I used to listen to this when I was a child. Listening to it now I don't think I've missed a word yet!


Something I would like my grandchildren to listen to also.


Thanks again



Catherine Nicolson on 8th April 2016 wrote:

Hi John - many thanks for sending me the mp3 of 'Listen to the Wind' music.  I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to it, and it's much closer to my musical memories of the live performance that I watched when I was a child.  You've done a brilliant editing job too.  I've only been looking for this music for the past thirty years, so many thanks again for enabling me to hear it, in such a lively rendition.  It doesn't seem that modern singers and actors can put across a song in the way they used to do!  The variety of interpretation, the dynamics, clear diction and recording quality are absolutely right for the material.

All the best,





Beverly Chieffo on 15th March 2015 wrote:


Dear John:


I am so grateful for your generous offer to download the A.A.Milne works from your mp3 files. I received your letter and felt unsure of the downloading process so I called upon my dear granddaughter, Hannah and sent her the URLs. She then made a CD for me with the selections and I finally got it and played it!  I enjoyed them all, but the one that really warmed my heart was the David Tomlinson “When We Were Very Young” record.


I can’t tell you what this means to me to be able to hear once more the delightful renderings that charmed my sons so long ago and will now delight any young person who comes to visit me. I thought it was going to be impossible to ever have these songs again, but now, thanks to your ingenuity, hard work and generosity, I will continue to enjoy them forever.


What a wonderful service you have provided for those like me who remember with nostalgia, these enchanting poems and songs. You are a very special person and I can’t thank you enough.


Most sincerely,


Beverly Chieffo




Jeneva Storme on 25th January 2015 wrote:


Thank you so much, this takes me back so far, to a very happy part of my childhood.  My daughter is going to be thrilled as well because she enjoyed these as a child as much as my generation and the one before me. 




Alex Lobo, (Spain) on 12th May 2014 wrote:


Dear John,


Thank you very much for your generosity. I did receive the mp3 file attached to your email and I love the record. Besides, the sound quality of your remastering is striking.


Best regards,


Alex Lobo




Penny Sowter, (Australia) on 16th July 2013 wrote:


Dear John,

Thank you so much for these wonderful recordings, which certainly do bring with them a buzz of reconnecting with fond childhood memories.  I have listened, spellbound, to When we were very young, and it filled me with that pure delight of my three year old self, eager to sing and talk along with David Tomlinson, march with Christopher Robin, Alice and the soldiers, moo out "I didn't really mmmmmmmmwean it!" and pretend to slide with the king down the bannister. Having drunk in the whole fabulous lot, I couldn't wait to replay it....again, just like the old days. My oh my, what a treasure!

This has obviously been a labour of love for you and I, along with many others, am indebted to you for the painstaking hours you have devoted to recording, resulting in amazingly good sound.

I agree that there is a magical quality to genial David T's performance and it's a wonderful thing you have done in capturing that in mp3 form, sharing it with like minds and helping to preserve it for future generations.

With smiles of gratitude,






Carl Smith, on 9th June 2013 sent two requests:


I'm 55, and my Mum bought me this copy when I was 6!  Now I'm teaching Literature, and my copy has gotten lost over time, would it be possible to download this from you?

would be extremely grateful,


Carl Smith.=


Yep, another request.  We used to live in the country, Dad was a Principal/teacher, had 16 kids between Grade 1-6' (including me), and Mum had found ordering via mail to be quite good.  This is the second one I remember, if I'm correct, the last song 2nd side (furry bear song) used to have some deep notes in it, and I used to cry every time, didn't stop me from wanting to hear it again, tho'.


Which I'd love to again, I can't believe you have a copy, please please let me know the address to DL this, it'd be great to hear it again!









Susan Edmond, (Australia) – 29thMarch 2013 - wrote:


Dear John,

Thank you so very much for your prompt response to my email. I am overjoyed and have sat listening and singing along to this beautiful recording. Such gorgeous memories. I will now be able to play it to my granddaughter. It is so very kind of you to share your hard work with people such as myself. Wonderful that you could send a copy to the Tomlinson family. David did such a warm and endearing recording, I simply adore it.

Thank you again John, much appreciated,


Susan Edmond




Marissa Walls – 18th September 2012 - wrote:


Dear Mr. Frame,


It's nice to find that someone has this copy.  I recently found it on Ebay, but I was too impatient to wait for it.  It is difficult to find anything on David Tomlinson, except for Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and The Love Bug.  I am taking a World Cinema class at my local college and I am glad that I found this copy of When We Were Very Young so I can use it in my project that I am doing on David Tomlinson.  This is an awesome copy.  It's very clear to listen to and I love it a lot.  I am also using it to help my 2 year old son go to sleep and it's helping too. Thanks for making it available for many people to enjoy.  Feel free to post this in your comments section.




Marissa Walls




Leslie Evers, (USA) – 17thJune 2012 - wrote:


Dear John,


It is marvelous. What a rush of memories this has brought back. Passing it on to the children of my friends and children of my own age as well.

Thank  you so much.


Leslie Evers





Jo Morrish, (England, UK) – 9th May 2012  - wrote:


Hello John


Your images and downloads have brought tears to my eyes. I have been trying to track a copy of Dick Bentley’s ‘When we were very Young’ for such a long time to share with my own children as my parents did with me. I have old vinyl copies of these records and would love to get hold of a copy of all of your downloads.


The sound coming out of my speakers, sent shivers of excitement down my spine and seeing the images of the records was quite haunting as I remember them all with such fondness and love.


The Burl Ives records I would love to listen too as well if you don’t mind. Again, his voice brings back such beautiful memories of childhood that I would love to share with my own 3 boys.


If I am being too cheeky in asking for all downloads, I will not mind at all. However, listening to Twice Times again would be quite special.


I thank you with all of my heart in anticipation.



Jo Morrish





Emile Pandolfi, (USA) – 27th June 2011 - wrote:


Thank you, John,


Yes i got the files and was able to save them. How kind of you to share hem. The sound quality is gorgeous - I know that took a good deal of careful work, and the result is lovely.


Thanks again. I shall enjoy these with my grand children.





Sue Mathews, (UK) – 31st May 2011 - wrote:


Dear John,


Thank you so much for taking time to do this. I am so grateful. Saving using Internet Explorer was absolutely no problem.

Its about 60 years since I heard these songs. As a child I used to have them on 78 rpm and i would play them endlessly. I don't think it was Dick Bentley or David Tomlinson on my original, but the sounds/songs and tunes sound very very similar.


Now children and grandchildren can benefit.


Many many thanks,






Christina Hall – 8th May 2011 - wrote:


I loved this as a kid and just seeing the cover art made my heart skip a couple of times after all these years. If you have a chance please send the url so that I can download the whole EP and share it with my kids. The David Tomlinson rendition is by far the best and I especially liked 'Disobedience'.


Thank you!



Sandra Fairbanks, (USA) – 6th May 2011 - wrote:


Thank you so much! I am very happy to hear the songs again!





Eric Julien, (USA) – 1st May 2011 - wrote:


Dear John,


Thank you so much for these files! My mother, who passed away three years ago, dearly loved A. A. Milne poetry and read it to me as a child. She gave me the record by David Tomlinson, which I accidentally melted under a hot desk lamp. I romanced my wife by taking her out for a picnic in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and recited poems from When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six. Both of my children grew up with the poetry, because I recited it to them at bed time.


Your careful restoration of the David Tomlinson recordings are truly wonderful. They are extremely clean with no hint that they were once on vinyl. I must confess that the Royal Wedding on BBC got me singing "They're Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace" to my wife. I went online and looked, very hopefully, tried to find a way to recover the lost music when I found your site. The music is playing as I write this to you. A control-click on my Macbook Pro gave me the option to send the file directly to iTunes. Clean, simple and very easy.


Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Eric Julien



Blanchard Weber, (USA) – 27th/30th April 2011 - wrote:


Greetings, and many thanks for maintaining this valuable site.

I grew up listening to (and singing) Milne's poetry and Fraser-Simpson's musical settings and would love to accept your kind offer of the URL(s) for downloading "The Best of A. A. Milne" and "When We Were Very Young".



Many thanks, John!

The recordings are just what I was looking for and technically above reproach as well.
They will be duly burned to CD and saved for posterity.
(Let's hope that CD technology doesn't soon go the way of 78s and LPs.)

May you and all the others who preserve important bits of culture be eternally rewarded!

Best regards,




Carole Michie, (NZ) – 3rd/4th April 2011 - wrote:




these bought back memories for me and my 8 year old has just fallen for AA Milne in a big way, so I’d love to share them with her. If you could link me to the URL, I’d be very grateful.



Hi John,



completely fabulous. Thank you very much for bringing me back such treasured memories and allowing me to share them. You are a hero.





Roland Verhoven, (UK) – 14th March 2011 - wrote:


Dear John


I have just come from singing Vespers to my 7 year old daughter and she asked me about how I learnt it;  I have a copy of the original record on your site, but alas it was accidentally stepped upon by my father many years ago and though I have kept it, I cannot access the wonderful music therein. 


I would be grateful if you would let me have the url to download the tracks from 'when we were very young' as I am sure even the older kids will enjoy hearing these songs in the format that originally enchanted me.


Many thanks.


Kind regards





Nahantjen, (USA?) – 15th/16th February 2011 - wrote:




I found online that you had converted these songs to MP3 format. I wanted to know if you could send them to me. My father used to have this album when he was young and I wanted to have it for my children to listen to.


Thank You Again,


Thank you. It will be priceless to see my Dad's face when the kids know the same songs he listened to when he was young.





Steven Eiler, (USA) – 3rd February 2011 - wrote:


Might I have a copy of this recording, please? Milne's Pooh books are my favorite children's literature, and I'm just now discovering that there is music to go with them, too! I am a composer (and specifically a songwriter) myself, and would very much like to hear how such songs have been arranged and performed. Thank you for putting in all the time to make these recordings available!

-Steven Eiler



Claire Clorie, (Minnesota, USA) – 1st and 2nd February 2011 - wrote:


Hello John,


I’ve just come across this website and am absolutely thrilled!  My younger brothers and I listened to these records back in the wonderful 50’s.  They bring back very fond and happy memories, especially of rainy days and of the long snowy winters of Minnesota when we always had the records going while working puzzles or playing with paperdolls.  I’ve been looking for these for over 7 years, when the grandchildren started coming.  Halfway Down the Stairs,  The Christopher Robin lullaby, and of course, “I only want a little bit of butter for my bread”,  which always confounds the people around the table when I ask to pass the butter.  This is an amazing, wonderful gift and I thank you deeply.


I pray you and yours are surviving the devastating flooding and cyclone threats and that the sun will shine soon. 




Oh John - they're perfect!!   Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I just sent them along to my little brothers in Minnesota. The yougest one used to sing 1/2 Way to his kids when they were little.  I know they never expected in a million years to ever hear these wonderful gems again.  I can't wait to hear back from my brothers -   they're not going to believe it.

You have absolutely made my year!


Gratefully Yours,






Megan Crowhurst, (Texas, USA) – 22nd and 23rd January 2011 - wrote:



I grew up on David Tomlinson’s recording of “When We Were Very Young”.  It was such a family favourite that it was the only recording that survived our emigration from Oz to Canada in 1968.  I enjoyed hearing  Buckingham Palace again, and would very much like to have access to your recording, if possible.

It DOES sound great!  Loved to death indeed.  In the mid 60’s when I was about 4, my mother often put me in what seemed then to be an enormous stuffed chair in the lounge room and played this record.  I’d sit enraptured, listening to it, looking at the cover.  Thank you so much for this tremendous gift.  I also enjoyed looking at the queer radio site; nice to see how the younger set are carrying the torch.

All best,



Shari Steinberg, (Philadelphia, PA, USA) – 20th January 2011 - wrote:


Hi John!

How perfectly amazing that we are on opposite sides of the world, and we both love AA Milne and want to share what we can. It is past 2 am, Thursday, Jan 20th, and I can barely go to bed, wanting to stay at my computer to listen and sing along with the gift you just sent so generously.

I will share it onward to a friend for his 60th birthday tomorrow.

He is a wonderful baritone and might like to sing along too.

I hope that your countrymen can recover from the horrible floods. How can there be such delight in one place, and such devastation elsewhere at the same time too?

Again, thank you for your splendid work and the joy in bringing the world the wonders of a 'hoppity hop' for our reminiscing and amusement.

"Little boy kneels," and maybe I'll go off now too.

Thank you so much!




Ted Martin – 10th January 2011 - wrote:




I came across your site and nearly fell out of my seat.  This was one of my favorite albums when I was a kid.  I still know all of the songs by heart and sing them to my daughter,  I would love to be able to download the album and let her hear those songs as I did.


Thank you very much


Ted Martin




Gerard Wong, (Singapore) – 10th January 2011 - wrote:


Dear John

Hi, I'm Gerard from Singapore.
I chanced upon your website and was delighted to read that you have just the recordings that my mother-in-law has been hunting for.

I would like to ask if you can send me the link to the two records ie

1. David Tomlinson's "When We Were Very Young" and

2. Dick Bentley singing 'Hans Christian Andersen"

I can't wait to put the recordings on a CD and then watch my mother-in-law's face when I play it as a surprise for her.

Thank you so much in advance.

Yours sincerely
Gerard Wong




Isobel Clowes, (New Jersey, USA) – 3rd January 2011 – wrote (nearly a year after my first reply):


Dear John

    Your email has been sitting in the in box since you were so kind to answer my inquiry Re the songs.  So this morning at the crack of dawn.  I opened it again!  The recording is wonderful!

 I would absolutely love having a copy. I thank you for your kind offer and hope it still stands after all this time!


    My now 6 year old Granddaughter, Madison, and I used to descend the stairs each day, when she was learning to come down  sitting, singing the Stair Song--she was "very young" too. She knew all the words and started singing as well.  She is the last and fourth of my two children and 2 grandchildren to have enjoyed these songs.  But I am forgetting the early days of my teaching when I first discovered Christopher Robin Saying his Prayers in sheet music which I taught to my classes in Quebec just after the War.  I still have that!


    When I thought that we had lost the music book, I went online a found early editions to replace it. Priceless to me.  As the years went on, she had her favourites for me to sing--my old voice barely able to do justice to them.


Isobel Clowes




Adam Wilson, (Australia) – 2nd January 2011 - wrote:


This was my favourite record for bed-time as a child. I have spent weeks searching for it – and have now found it. Thank you for posting The Knight Who’s Armour Didn’t Squeak – I would appreciate the link to the full publication. My memory tells me that he (or an actor with a similar voice – perhaps Ian Carmichael), also recorded the Winnie-the-Pooh stories – do you have those too?


Best regards






Anne Marie Whittaker, (USA) – 1st December 2010 - wrote:




I'm writing from Alexandria, VA USA (I'm just a few miles from Washington, DC).


I would very much like to have the URL's for the records and God bless you for offering this; it shall be my Christmas present for myself!


Hope you are enjoying your spring and have a very happy holiday!


Anne Marie Whittaker




Dan Hamill, (USA) – 27th/28th November 2010 - wrote:




I listened to David Tomlinson's "When We Were Very Young" and Dick Bentley's "Hans Christian Anderson" when I was young. I have been looking to find these to play for my grandchildren.


Would you please forward a link to download these recordings.



Thank you very much. I listen to these and I'm 6 again.







Reg Gillard, (Australia) – 22nd October 2010 - wrote:




Thanks for the feed.


We have a meeting of oldies tomorrow and we are reliving some of their earlier Years.








Barbara Schultz, (USA?) – 23rd July 2010 - wrote:


My sisters and I listened to this album again and again as children. I recently remembered singing Halfway Down while sitting on my grandma's curved stairway and began to look for the music. I would so appreciate sharing it with my grandchildren. Thanks for your willingness to share!

Barbara Schultz




Karen, (USA?) – 22nd March 2010 - wrote:


I saw your website and am deeply appreciative for your hard work restoring the record.  I would love to have this recording for my grandchildren.  I loved it as a child and played it for my children until the record was broken, sadly.   It was the most beautiful of all works written for children and I am hopeful to continue the tradition!





And on 16th June 2010 she wrote:


Many thanks John...I so enjoyed hearing them all again.  I did notice some changes to Disobedience from the original recording we had, but it just seemed like a slightly faster version.  It is incredible that I remember all the words from my childhood...this is amazing work and God bless for sending this out!   I plan to share this with others so that it can be remembered always.  Karen

NB: I had told Karen that the only embellishment I added was to enhance one “s” sound in the last poem Vespers – in the line “and nobody knows that I’m there at all”. My Luxman turntable has a stroboscope pitch control and I made sure the pitch was perfect while I recorded both sides of the record.  




Thea, California USA – 2nd March 2010 - wrote:


Oh you are so wonderful and generous to make these recordings available and for free!! I would gladly pay for them.  Would you please send me a link for both When We Were Very Young and Hans Christian Andersen?


I too listened to them as a child in Vermont in the 1960's and don't think I have heard them for 35 or 40 years and still they are fresh and funny and still make me want to listen. What a shame that they are not in production.  Your sound is amazing - probably much clearer than I ever heard on our little phonograph in the upstairs hall playing our old scratched records.  Thank you for your truly monumental labor of love.  I shall pass them on to my sisters and their children to listen to and hopefully help create another generation of children who loves something other than the Disney versions of stories and fairy tales.


Yours Gratefully,


Thea in California




Peter Wilkes – 1st February 2010 - wrote:


I was delighted when searching the web to find this superb record on your site. This was a firm favourite in our home when I was young. Myself and my two older brothers elder brothers used to march around the house to Buckingham Palace! I still have a copy of the 1966 edition of the book with my name scrawled across the inside cover!

Now that we are all grown up (58, 55 and 46) I thought it would be nice to have a copy of the recording for my own son. I would like to let him enjoy it to.

Please can you email me the link so I can download it, and share this superb experience with him.

What can I say? Superb! Excellent quality on both recordings, I'm sure we will have many hours of listening to these, me reminiscing, my boy laughing and gurgling along, can't wait!

Many many thanks again,

All the best

Pete Wilkes




Valerie Clowes, Canada    28th January 2010 - wrote:


Hi there,


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I tripped over your web info about “When we were very young” –someone put a link to it at Our family had this record when I was a child. My mother also played piano and sang several songs from (her mother’s) book by the same title, and also from Now We Are Six. I have the books now, but don’t play piano.


If the old recordings are available for download I would truly love to hear these again!


Still shaking head in amazement,

And with a goofy grin on my face,


Valerie Clowes.




Paul Freeman, USA    22nd January 2010 - wrote:


I'd be very grateful if you could send me the link for this. I work at a Montessori school & the theme this term is Celebrations & we'd like to mark A. A. Milne's birthday on Monday.


Buckingham Palace sounds fantastic.


Paul Freeman.



You're very kind. We had them singing along to 'Buckingham Palace' and 'Halfway Down The Stairs', and I'm sure we'll use the Dick Bentley before long as well. The quality's so good, I suppose it largely depends on having a good quality record player. Would you mind telling me what equipment/software you use?


Thanks again,




I replied :


Hi Paul,


Glad to hear you all had a good time. After growing up with these AA Milne recordings I can't read them and imagine them working in any other arrangement. On the technical side, here's how I processed my recordings of these vinyl records:  


I used a Luxman P284 direct drive turntable with Shure M92E cartridge, connected to a Luxman L30 integrated circuit amplifier. All "vintage" 1970/80's HiFi gear. The audio was transferred to PC via Line In and edited using the CoolEdit2000 software program.


"CoolEdit2000" was designed by Syntrillium as a very good quality and low cost (~ US$100) version of their professional program "CoolEditPro". Adobe acquired Syntrillium in 2003 and did away with the lower cost product, renaming the professional product as "Audition" (now US$350). 


CoolEdit2000 was sold as a basic single stereo file editor, but with the option to buy add-on packs for multi-track editing (up to four simultaneous stereo tracks) and for noise reduction. For both of these records I used the noise-reduction features extensively - especially the option in the "Click/pop/crackle eliminator" to carefully fix each individual noise (pop, click etc - and there were several hundred on each), without damaging the integrity of the original recording.


These are mono records which were played using a stereo cartridge and sometimes a noise is only in the left or right channel, and to fix it you copy the audio from the clean channel to both. At other times you can copy the split second before the unwanted noise and paste it over the damaged area. It's a small victory to fix a glaringly obvious noise to the point where no-one could ever tell it existed in the first place.


Most (if not all) of the automatic audio cleaning programs are quite indiscriminate - they cannot accurately distinguish between the range of unwanted noises and the audio which was meant to be there, and if you do adjust the program to automatically eliminate all of the audible noises, the end result is often unpleasant at best. 





Martin Griffith – 1st October 2010 - wrote:


Hi John,


Thank you so much for the files. You have done an excellent job with cleaning up the files. My parents were members of the world record club and we had the 7" disks. When I sing these songs or recite the poems I always remember the extra bits from the records. When my children were little I used to sing the songs to them myself. I did have one of the disks which had survived but it was not in great condition. I am very pleased that someone has taken the time to restore them. Using a book is not the same because half the fun is singing the song version. 


To download the files on the Mac it is exactly the same. ie. right click (They may look like a single button mouse but the current ones are not. People with older single button mice should simply hold down control while the click) The files can be imported to iTunes or Quicktime.


I thought there was also a red disk which had some Winnie the Pooh songs. I was wondering aloud "What did happen on Friday?" to my daughter and her 4 week old son today. Oh bother, I remember it well and I think David Tomlinson say it too.





Martin Griffith




Carol Hardiment, UK – 6th January 2010 - wrote:




I am living with my Granddaughter, her husband & 2 Great Grandchildren and I would love to have the complete record of  "Dick Bentley - Hans Christian Andersen". I really would appreciate the link and if possible, also the link for the record "David Tomlinson - When We Were Very Young".


Thank you so much for your help and co-operation


Kind Regards






Esther Howe, USA – 6th January 2010 - wrote:


Hi there,

I would love to download this album. I listened to it as a child and would like to share it with my kids. :)



It's a lovely recording. Thank you very much for all your work cleaning it up and getting it into digital format.


Esther Howe
Pawtucket, Rhode Island, US




Kay Russell – 5th January 2010 - wrote:


Dear John,


I have been searching for ages for the records from the World Record Club that we listened to as children. Tonight I stumbled upon your work and am delighted, no, thrilled to find it. Please send me the URLs for When We Were Very Young and also for Hans Christian Anderson. Do you have any others? In particular I remember records on the lives of Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin.

Waiting in excited anticipation, Kay.

PS. I have never downloaded or listened to MP3s so if there are any instructions I need to follow please let me know. Thanks.




Pat Griffin, USA – 24th December 2009 - wrote:




Wow, I’m so lucky to have found you!  I am 52 years old and *still* have these songs in my head.  I had the 33 album in the

US as a child, with the Hans Christian Andersen songs on one side and the Milne songs on the other… I would so appreciate

you forwarding me the links to both of these!




Wonderful - thanks so much!  These are the exact recordings of my childhood, with even better sound quality!

Your hard work in restoring these recordings is much appreciated!


Happy Holidays,






Maggie Kent – 16th November 2009 - wrote:


Dear John


Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt response and fantastic recording. I can barely believe that I now have a copy of a cherished childhood memory and can share the wonderful recording, not only with my own children, who are now teenagers, but with my new pupils at primary school. Know that through your careful work and generous gift a whole new generation will be able to enjoy these poems and stories afresh.  



Very many thanks and best wishes






Timm Ryan-Young, New York, USA – 21st October 2009 – Timm initially had trouble saving the mp3 files, but shares his solution and his joy - he wrote:




Thanks for the reply!  So here is the deal, I was using IE, not firefox but for some reason the Save Target As was not available from the email.  Quick time player set itself as the default player for those files and I think that may have had something to do with it.  I opened Windows Media Player and selected File… Open URL and pasted the link in there.  It started playing and as it was playing I could choose file Save As in Media player and got it to save locally!  Wanted you to know in case someone else runs into eh same problem.


This IS the record I had as a child and I LOVED it.  Not sure if you are gay, but I am guessing so from the Queer Radio website (great stuff), but I am, and grew up to be a performer in Musical Theatre.  I listened to and sang along with these albums constantly as a child.  When our family home was sold, this is one of the records that got given or sold away.  At the time it was no big deal but now that my husband and I have a daughter (3 ˝) I have been hunting for a copy of this album since the day she was born.  You have NO idea how many thrift stores I hunted through!


WHAT A JOY to be able to share this with her and tell her daddy used to listen this when he was young.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


All my best!




Christina and Denis Daly, Australia – 26th September 2009 - wrote:


Dear Mr Frame,


Thank you for the links. Your generosity in putting in all the hours of work and then passing it on freely to others is much appreciated and will no doubt produce  a ‘ripple effect’ that will delight many children in years to come.


I loved hearing ‘The King’s Breakfast’ again with David Tomlinson’s wonderful character voices, and my other personal favourites are ‘Disobedience’ and ‘Halfway Down’.


The Hans Christian Anderson songs are great fun and very uplifting.


My husband has just gone off to post a CD of the songs to our little granddaughter Tilly (Matilda), and we have included a note saying how special these are, with an outline of all the work you have done to make these available.

Hopefully she will love listening to them as well.


Thank you once again,






Carolyn Schlemmer, Ohio, USA – 20th September 2009 - wrote:


Dear John,

When my sister and I were very young, we listened to this exact recording (in vinyl of course) and it turned both of us into lifelong raging anglophiles.  I have hunted and hunted for it for my grandchildren.  Listening to "Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace" convinced me that the recording you have is indeed the one we grew up to.  I am MOST keen on hearing the whole thing.  Please do send me information about how to do it, and thank you thank you thank you for making these wonderful songs available!

Carolyn Schlemmer




Sheila Wilner, NY, USA – 31st August 2009 - wrote:


Dear John,


Thank you for such a speedy reply and accompanying treasure!  My mother read me these poems when I was little and 65 years later, I love them just as much.  The music is absolutely charming and the artists are perfect.  If only there were more such offerings for children of all ages.


Congratulations on your magnificent endeavors. 




I'll never get to sleep........I've been singing Hans Christian Anderson all evening!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Most sincerely,






Laura P. Fernández, Argentina – 31st August  2009 - wrote:


Dear Mr. Frame,


You have made a dream come true. My sister and I have been looking for this album since forever. She is an avid Mudcatter and just sent me your link.


Those songs go so very far back in our lives (I'm 61) and they float in and out of my mind. Thank you for making this "whimsy" available. I would be grateful if you could send me the attachment of the file.




Thank you so much for this very speedy reply. I have saved the files and am enjoying them already.


I also remember the Danny Kaye record very clearly. Sadly, all these treasures had been lost along the way, until now.


Thanks again and best of luck in your endeavors.






Matt Hamlin (UK) – 21st July 2009 - wrote:


That's so kind of you John, And it IS a very good piece of restoration! I don't do any restore work myself ( my wife does photos) but I am a network engineer so appreciate what you're up against. I don't think the original record was as clear when it was brand new!!


My wife has a childhood book of AA Milne poems so I couldn't wait to play her this! I used to tell her about it but I don't think it sunk in until now.



My family also had a World Record Club Hans Christian Anderson record - it had the "I'm Hans Christian Anderson" song on it. You know I can't remember the others! I think this record became unplayable when I was old enough to hear it ( I'm the last of 5 children so I think my siblings wore it out ).


There was also a 45RPM ( World Record Club? I don't know?) called Songs Of The Sea.

Don't know if you know it.


Don't know if you're interested but a family friend used to buy me the Thunderbird and Stingray records. It is to my regret that they are no more. Nevermind I guess. You may remember how expensive records used to be. Phew! They were some presents!


Good luck with this restoration but I don't think you need any luck given the quality of this.


many thanks again - you really have resurrected this work for another generation and probably more..






Heather Doyon (Australia) – 16th July  2009 - wrote:


Dear John,


Please oh please send me the file for When we were very young. It has been so many years since I have heard this. It was a prized possession of mine that vanished from home. Mum must have had a clean up! Listening to Buckingham Palace made me fell like I was five again. My husband has heard me repeat lines from this record for the last 25 years. Bouncing out of bed with buttery is often done at our house on the weekend.


I can’t wait to get it. I am so excited tonight.


Thank you so much it’s a wonderfully clear recording. It takes me right back  to growing up in our house of 7 kids where we didn’t have much but you could play a record over and over again for free. I have sent it to my mother and sisters already.


Many thanks


Heather Doyon




David Mellonie (Australia) – 12th July  2009 - wrote:


Hi John.


What a surprise!


I've recently moved house, and am unable to find my record of When we were very young – I assume it's in storage (I hope), but I can't find it.


I would really like to be able to play the recording to my grand-daughter, who loves music, and I think she would get as much enjoyment from it as I always have since my father bought it for me, and as my daughter has.


If you could send me a digital copy, that would be fantastic, and I'll hopefully be able to burn it to a cd sometime.


Wonderful that you managed to spend the time recording it for posterity!


Kind regards

David Mellonie




Cristie Hutchison (Australia) – 22nd June 2009 - wrote:


Hi John,


Thank you so much for your speedy reply. I must apologise for my lack of niceties in my email yesterday. My mother and I were so excited to find your file that I just quickly shot off that email before I served up dinner. Later I realised that it was very abrupt, I'm sorry.


I grew up listening to my mother sing these poems (my favourite is "Halfway up the stairs" and "James James Morrison Morrison") and it was only recently that I asked how did she learn the tunes? And she told me it was a very fond memory from her childhood of her grandmother getting out the record. So in this amazing day of everything at your fingertips I hopped onto google. Unfortunately I was not getting any joy. I saw a record in New Zealand that closed on 29 May (it seems they like the record in NZ!). And then I came across your entry. And in the background my mother was singing "Buckingham Palace" to my five year old son and she is calling out to me "get it! get it! send the email. That's the one!" So, thank you so much for all your hard work and effort, from five generations in my family and many more to come.


I agree, it does seem remiss that no record company has released a digitally remastered cd, when you walk past the bargain bins I can't believe some of the stuff they waste their time on!


Thanks again.


Kind regards Cristie Hutchison




Tim Parsons, New Zealand – 18th June 2009 - wrote:


John - thank you so much!! Listening to this brought so many memories back. I'm sure my daughter will love it too. The Kings Breakfast is one which I quote often. It still gives me a hunger for a thick slice of toast with butter and marmalade :)
Thanks for making this available - I'm sure it would otherwise have disappeared altogether.





Alice Lamy, France – 16th June and 23rd July 2009 - wrote:




I found your page via a lyrics site forum.  When We Were Young is a record that I have been searching for about 2 years!  I didn't get very far, as I didn't know the name of the man who narrated and sang, or the record company, much less!


I perfectly remember each song and the fact that the singer had an English accent and that there were choruses on certain songs and an orchestral type of arrangement.

So...........all to ask - would you send me the URL for the entire recording? That would be very generous of you, as my sister has kept equally fond memories of this record.

We are American, and both our parents were very musically inclined.

We must have listened to this record around the age of 8 or 9, say, in '64 or '65, and much longer. 


I'd really appreciate it ! I would love to find an old copy of the record, as you did, but I'm not really counting on it.


Thank you very much!!!!


…I love the Tomlinson record - it's just just so - neither maudlin nor ridiculously child-pandering, as so often children's records can be.  It is charming poetry sung to charming melody.  My children are 25 and 23 and were brought up in France, where I was able to find an excellent singer for children named Henri Dčs, a French Swiss musician/singer/composer.  And I also had a cassette recording of When We were Very Young, which they enjoyed...and which I lost years ago, so I am impatient to let them hear it again.


Once again, thank you for offering your recording - it IS a good copy.  Good job!


And on 23rd July 2009 Alice wrote regarding the Dick Bentley “Hans Christian Andersen” record, which I only found because of her passionate prompting:


Hey, John,


Thank you for sending me a version you've pampered so lovingly! and with obvious technical skill. It's good to have such a passion.









Rae and Mike Huston, Australia – 18th April 2009 – wrote:


Dear John,


Thankyou so much for your kindness in sending this to us. Our daughter and her husband were with us for lunch today and she and her Dad started reminiscing over childhood rhymes and they both started reciting all of When We Were Very Young. It was lovely. Our daughter is thirty three and pregnant with her first and they are twins (much excitement). The record that we have was my husbands as a child and he knew it backwards and forwards, and when our daughter was born he played it to her and the two of them recited it from it seems day one. She will be thrilled that there is now a copy of this loved piece that she can play when her little ones are born. This is the “stuff” that makes for traditions and creates the magic of childhood.


Thankyou again so much for your kindness.


Very best regards,


Rae and Mike



Joanne MacLaughlan, USA – 17th February 2009 – wrote:


My dear Mr. Frame,

I am listening to the album as I write to you to say thank you.It is fantastic! Exactly how I remember it but your copy is far better than the one I listened to as a child in Montreal,Canada. I listened to it so often  it was quite scratched.

My mom exposed my sisters and I to poetry and music as children and was surprised I was still looking for this album. When my children were young I read A.A.Milne to them but they missed out on this great audio which I couldn't find.

For years I thought Danny Kaye was the artist who read and sang these poems.  David Tomlinsons' voice was and still is enchanting to listen to.

I can't thank you enough for sharing not just the music but the memories this album brings back!

Peace Love and Laughter
Joanne MacLaughlan