CD Project:

"Brisbane PFLAG Share Their Stories"

produced by John Frame (January 2004) - a Rampant Corgi Production.


Resource CD: 

"Brisbane PFLAG Share Their Stories"

Originally recorded January 2004, launched 27th March 2004.


In 2006 a re-issue of 5,000 copies were included in the resource packs which were distributed to health and education agencies throughout Queensland in PFLAG Brisbane’s “Longreach For Outreach” project, which was launched on 29th November 2006 at QAHC by “Farmer” Dave Graham.


The CD was recorded in January 2004 and consists of local men and women, all volunteer members of PFLAG, sharing their honest and heartfelt experiences with the listener, in order to assure them that they are not alone and to encourage understanding, acceptance and support of their children (and support of each other). The stories cover a representative spectrum of the concerns and real-life issues faced by the parents and families of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. 


"Brisbane PFLAG Share Their Stories" is intended as a support resource for those who contact PFLAG for assistance, but are either unable or unwilling to meet with their peers for a face to face discussion of their concerns.


PFLAG convener Shelley Argent says she knows that face to face discussions are vastly more effective, but she has already seen the benefit of the CD in a recent contact. A woman had phoned with a most aggressive demeanour and a negative attitude to her gay son. Shelley sent her a copy of the CD and when they next met, a few weeks later, she said it was like meeting a new person.


The cost of professional manufacturing of the initial run of 200 copies has been largely covered by Shelley herself, and I am exceedingly proud to donate my services in recording, production and design - I feel privileged to have the confidence of all these PFLAG volunteers. I congratulate Shelley for her organisational expertise and her generosity to our broad community, and I heap praise on the men and women who have put their heart and soul into these stories.


I encourage you all to be aware that this fine resource CD exists, as you may know people who will benefit greatly by it.


Queer Radio aired all of the CD in instalments between 31st March and 5th May 2004.


Contact details for PFLAG Brisbane:

phone 3017 1739 and leave a message or email

their website is