*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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5th  December 2007 Letter from Premier Ana Bligh in response to my 26th October 2007 email. The problems with this letter are:


(a) it misrepresents the nature of the needed reform – which is in fact about allowing equal support and protection for all youth at age 16, and NOT about ”lowering the age of consent for sex between males”. This shows that the Government is as ignorant as those in the general public who assume that the act of anal intercourse virtually defines “sex between males”. The truth is that the current law makes anal intercourse the only sexual activity which is illegal for any person (of any gender or sexuality) if aged under 18. Widespread ignorance leads many to assume that ALL sex between males is illegal if either of them is aged under 18. A truly equal age of consent is necessary in order to remove the current resulting discrimination against same sex attracted youth and also to enable the maximum protection and support of all youth.   


(b) it does not address the two specific Equal Age Of Consent questions which required urgent answers. They were:


1. "Exactly what are the specific reasons for the Queensland Government's failure to enact a truly equal age of consent, especially in light of the specific July 2005 recommendation (as repeated in full further below) by its Anti-Discrimination Commissioner that urgent action was necessary.


2. "Considering that it has been at least three years since every other Australian state and territory enacted a truly equal age of consent, by which year will Queensland finally allow that same vital act of equal support and protection for youth?


NB: On 7th January 2008 I phoned Deputy Chief Of Staff Stephen Beckett’s office, hoping to discuss the above points. He was not available. On 9th January 2008 I received a call from Jessica, a worker in his office. She took details of my concerns and assured me that someone with legal authority would phone me in the near future.    



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Queensland Government

Office of the Premier

For reply please quote: MN147348/TH10/LJP

05  DEC  2007

Mr John Frame
82 Main Avenue

Dear Mr Frame

Thank you for your email of 26 October 2007 concerning lowering the age of consent for sex between males. I have been requested to reply to you on the Premier’s behalf.

The issue you raise is a contentious one and there is strong feeling within the community about it.

The Premier notes your concerns in relation to this issue; however, this Government does not intend to reform the law in this area at this time.

Thank you for bringing this matter to the Premier’s attention.


Stephen Beckett
Deputy Chief of Staff

Executive Building
100 George Street Brisbane
P0 Box 15185 City East
Queensland 4002 Australia
Telephone +61 7 3224 4500
+61 7 3221 3631
Website www.thepremier.qld.gov.au